Anniversary Sayings and Quotes

Enjoy our collection of anniversary sayings and quotes; you will find sayings, quotes, verses and phrases that can be used for the spcial occasion of many different anniversaries - wedding, birthday, graduation, engagement. Famous inspirational words in the form of sayings to celebrate that important day.The expressions can be used to offer congratulations, to recognize an achievement, or to recall a day of remembrance. And if it is silver wedding anniversary, or a golden wedding anniversary we hope the words in the sayings, quotes, and proverbs will help express your thoughts. As the saying goes, An anniversary is a time to reflect on the past good times, but also a time to look ahead to your dreams of the future.

Inspirational Anniversary Sayings and Quotes
"Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words." Plautus
"Side by Side, Year by Year " Wedding Anniversary Saying
"Unto us all our days are love's anniversaries, each one In turn hath ripen'd something of our happiness." Robert Bridges
"Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day." Gene Perret
"Anniversaries are like a vintage wine, better and better all the time." Author Unknown
"A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year." Paul Sweeney
"Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots." Hoosier Farmer

- One of the good things that come of a true marriage is, that there is one face on which changes come without your seeing them; or rather there is one face face which you can still see the same, through all the shadows which years have gathered upon it. G. MacDonald
- A happy marriage always has good communication. Communication in the workplace, in your marriage, with your friends, with your children - is the one skill that will help you in life. C Pulsifer
- True love stories never end. An anniversary saying
- An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Author Unknown
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you can find more quotes at thinking of you quotes plus a few more anniversary sayings and quotes are listed below:
A birthday represents an anniversary of the day you were born, a date that is celebrated by most people. To other people it is a date that they would rather forget, but you are only as old as you feel!
Catherine Pulsifer

May this anniversary remind you of good memories of yesterday, and let you dream of plans for tomorrow.
A. Butler

You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore, But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of heaven dance between you.
Kahil Gibran

This is the anniversary of the day you were born there is no reason for you to scorn
It is a day for a party, presents and gifts we hope this day gives you a lift
Always remember age is only a date and you determine your own fate.
Catherine Pulsifer

May you always be warmed by each other's smile, always take time to walk and talk a while, always know deep down you're each other's best friend, and enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end. Wishing you an "always" kind of love!

On this our anniversary, we may not have wealth, but we do have each other and that is worth more than all the money in the world. Catherine Pulsifer

As I walked the beaches with the American veterans who had returned for this anniversary, men in their sixties and seventies, and listened to their stories, I was deeply moved and profoundly grateful for all they had done. Tom Brokaw

For you wake one day, look around and say somebody wonderful married me. Fred Ebb

An anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead. C. Pulsifer

A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short. Andre Maurois

Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful.

Anniversary : A time to celebrate the beauty, gift, and the blessing of enduring love.

May today be filled with happy memories of the past and bright hopes for the future Anniversary Saying

The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one’s relationship has a growing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life. Hugh Walpole, Sr.

You may not have it together, but together you have it all. Anniversary Saying

Unto us all our days are love's anniversaries, each one In turn hath ripen'd something of our happiness. Robert Bridges

Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking. Chinese Proverb

Love brought you together as husband and wife and gave each of you a best friend for life Anniversary Saying

There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company that a good marriage. Martin Luther

Joining with you in celebrating another year in love. Anniversary Saying

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