Best Love Sayings

A inspirational collection of the best love sayings. There are many sayings and quotes about love. Ones that express thoughts about what love is, and our experience with love. We all need love, we hope you find these famous sayings both inspirational and the best!

Loving others brings love back to you.

Where there is love there is life. Mohandas Gandhi

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were. Richard Bach

Lovers, like bees, lead a honey-sweet life. Love Saying

I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.

I love you for the part of me that you bring out. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

It's a rainy day when you're not around. Love Saying

If you would be loved, love and be lovable. Benjamin Franklin

Who so loves believes the impossible. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A heart in love with beauty never grows old. Turkish Proverb

Love is to think about someone else more times in a day than you think about yourself. Love Saying

Love gives itself; it is not bought. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Love is always open arms. If you close your arms about love you will find that you are left holding only yourself. Leo Buscaglia

Love is a great beautifier. Louisa May Alcott

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. Albert Einstein

I'll love you till the cows come home. Love Saying

Love: Two minds without a single thought. Love Saying

Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness. Love Saying

A heart that loves is always young. Greek Proverb

Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. Benjamin Franklin

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age. Best Love Saying

Life is the flower for which love is the honey. Love Saying

Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever. June Masters Bacher

You donít marry someone you can live with. You marry the person who you cannot live without. Author Unknown

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only what you are expecting to give. Katherine Hepburn

The greatest thing youíll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return. Natalie Cole

Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit. Peter Ustinov

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age. Author Unknown but considered a best love saying

Not only is love what's left over when falling in love fades away, but love defines the Source from which we came. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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