Quotes about Vacation

Quotes about Vacation

Vacations are something we all look forward to. Enjoy these inspirational quotes on vacations. We usually do not need to be inspired when we are going on a vacation! Share them with someone who is going on a holiday.

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.
Robert Orben

No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.
Elbert Hubbard

Those that say you can't take it with you never saw a car packed for a vacation trip.
Author Unknown

The alternative to a vacation is to stay home and tip every third person you see.
Author Unknown

Every man who possibly can should force himself to a holiday of a full month in a year, whether he feels like taking it or not.
William James

The rainy days a man saves for usually seem to arrive during his vacation.
Author Unknown

A vacation frequently means that the family goes away for a rest, accompanied by a mother who sees that the others get it.
Marcelene Cox

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.
Earl Wilson

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More inspiringl quotes on vacation:
Comedians are never really on vacation because you're always at attention... that antenna is always out there.
Bob Newhart

I can enjoy a vacation as well as the next person, as long as I know it's a vacation and not a premature retirement.
Mary Crosby

I envy people who can just look at a sunset. I wonder how you can shoot it. There is nothing more grotesque to me than a vacation.
Dustin Hoffman

I honestly if I get a vacation I'm gonna go and sit on my couch in New York cause that's the one place I haven't been for a very long time.
Matt Damon