Quotes About Twins

Great quotes about twins will have you thinking and pondering about the inspirational value of twins in your life or that of a friend or family member. Twins can be a unique blessing to some while to others, twice the work, care and money may not be what was expected. "Twins are like stars in the sky who both twinkle together yet are sometimes far apart."

"There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins." Josh Billings
"Body and spirit are twins: God only knows which is which." Algernon Charles Swinburne
"My sister and I, you will recollect, were twins, and you know how subtle are the links which bind two souls which are so closely allied." Arthur Conan Doyle
"Constant togetherness is fine - but only for Siamese twins." Victoria Billings
"Twice as much to love, two blessings from above." Author Unknown
"When I have a kid, I want to put him in one of those strollers for twins, then run around the mall looking frantic." Steven Wright
"It is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins" Chinese Proverb
"When I was born the doctor took one look at my face, turned me over and said, "Look, twins!" " Rodney Dangerfield

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