Gardening Proverbs

A collection of inspirational sayings in the form of gardening proverbs from around the world.
Every garden may have some weeds.
English Proverb

April showers bring May flowers.

From a fallen tree, all make kindling.
Spanish proverb

From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.

If and When were planted and Nothing grew.
Turkish Proverb

When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.
Vietnamese Proverb

Friends are flowers than never fade.

Don't allow the grass to grow on the path of friendship.
Native American Proverb

You reap what you sow. Proverb

If you would be happy all your life, plant a garden.

A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.
Chinese proverb

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.
Greek Proverb

A garden is a work of art in progress

Though a tree grows so high, the falling leaves return to the root.
Malay Proverb

Your neighbour's apples are the sweetest.
Yiddish Proverb

A rock offered by a friend is like an apple.
Sicilian Proverb

A good garden is like a good book, you always enjoy starting it again.

Some men go through a forest and see no firewood.
English Proverb

Stop and smell the roses.

Every garden may have some weeds.
English Proverb

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.
African Proverb

Even after a bad harvest there must be sowing.
Latin Proverb

If you do not sow in the spring you will not reap in the autumn.
Irish Proverb

As fresh as a daisy.
Proverb God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest.
Swedish Proverb

As the garden grows so does the gardener.

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.
Chinese proverb

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