Quotes About Perception

These inspirational quotes about perception will show you what perceptions can do. What is interesting is that whatever you believe to be true in your mind is true. If you think, for example, that there is a ghost behind the tree, the, there is.
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Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance; it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality.
Alexis Carrel

In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death.
Anne Frank

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and to know the place for the first time.
T.S. Eliot

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru chinks of his cavern.
William Blake

Nothing exists until or unless it is observed. An artist is making something exist by observing it. And his hope for other people is that they will also make it exist by observing it. I call it ''creative observation.'' Creative viewing.
William S. Burroughs

How we perceive a situation and how we react to it is the basis of our stress. If you focus on the negative in any situation, you can expect high stress levels. However, if you try and see the good in the situation, your stress levels will greatly diminish.
Catherine Pulsifer

Any perception can connect us to reality properly and fully. What we see doesn't have to be pretty, particularly; we can appreciate anything that exists. There is some principle of magic in everything, some living quality. Something living, something real, is taking place in everything.
Chogyam Trungpa

We all have self-imposed limitations that hold us back. If we have failed to realize success or if our success is limited, it is probably due to preconceptions that are throwing an invisible barrier across our paths.
Robert H. Schuller, Success is Never Ending Failure is Never Final

The greatest detriment to many people's success tomorrow is their thinking today.
John C. Maxwell, Thinking For A Change

My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength.
Michael Jordan

The thoughts you have, the words you speak and the pictures you carry in your mind create the reality that you experience.
Lynda Field, Weekend Life Coach

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.
Aldous Huxley

No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.
Ansel Adams

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.
Anthony Robbins

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