Quotes On Performance

When searching for quotes on performance, these inspirational quotes are what you need. Performance is something that many strive to achieve throughout their lives. However, performance isn't just a thing; it is one of the core values that individuals possess. The attribute relating to performance means that you always perform at your maximum level but never satisfied with your current level. Performance is not just a one time achievement or level; performance is the hallmark of people who know who they are and where they are going and are ever vigilant in looking for the next horizon of performance to meet.

"Don't waste life in doubts and fears; spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour's duties will be the best preparation for the hours and ages that will follow it." Ralph Waldo Emerson
"When performance exceeds ambition,
the overlap is called success." Cullen Hightower
"All of us perform better and more willingly when we know why we're doing what we have been told or asked to do." Zig Ziglar
"All the great performers I have worked with are fuelled by a personal dream." John Eliot
"How much we like ourselves governs our performance." Brian Tracy
"Performance isn't a matter of who is watching, it is more a matter how your core ethics are built and adhered to." Byron Pulsifer

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Do not waste a minute-not a second-in trying to demonstrate to others the merits of your performance. If your work does not vindicate itself, you cannot vindicate it.
Thomas W. Higginson

We are face to face with our destiny and we must meet it with a high and resolute courage. For us it is the life of action, of strenuous performance of duty; let us live in the harness, striving mightily; let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out .
Theodore Roosevelt

There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is simply time given to man to learn how to live. Mistakes are always part of learning. The real dignity of life consists in cultivating a fine attitude towards our own mistakes and those of others. It is the fine tolerance of a fine soul. Man becomes great, not through never making mistakes, but by profiting by those he does make; by being satisfied with a single rendition of a mistake, not encoring it into a continuous performance; by getting from it the honey of new, regenerating inspiration with no irritating sting of morbid regret; by building better to-day because of his poor yesterday; and by rising with renewed strength, finer purpose and freshened courage every time he falls.
William Jordan

Lack of performance is not related to the quality of your excuses.
Byron Pulsifer

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