Mexican Phrases

Collected over the years, enjoy these Mexican phrases. Phrases that are famous and inspirational, all containing words to make you think.

Make deaf ears
to stupid words.

One must learn how to lose
before learning how to play.

You don't look a gift horse
in the mouth.

You judge the way you live.

Conversation is food for the soul.

Water you are not going to drink,
let it run.

God does not hear you if
you do not speak.

Do good and don't worry to whom.

Breed crows and they will take out your eyes.

In youth we learn, in old age we understand.

It's not enough to know how to ride,
one must also know how to fall.

It is not the fault of the mouse
but of the one who offers him the cheese.

Who wakes up early, God will help.

The lazy is a brother of the begger.

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more Mexican phrases:
A good resolution is like an old horse, which is often saddled but rarely ridden.

Money is a good servant, but an evil master.

Tell me who your friends are and Iíll tell you who you are.

Shrimp that sleeps gets carried by the tide.

The good judge starts at home.

If the river sounds it is because it is carrying water.

Don't cut your cactus in a neighbor's garden.

Who is silent consents.

Hope dies last of all.

Nobody learns in the head of someone else.

Lions believe that everyone shares their state of mind.

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