Quotes About Joy

Happy quotes about joy will be inspirational and bring a thoughtful view of what life has to offer. Joy is something you can experience day in and day out but you have to be willing, at times, to look for it and appreciate that which is around.
related - happiness quotes and sayings. . . quotes about sadness. . . quotes about laughter. . . quotes about humor. Here is one of our favorite sayings about joy, "Joy is found whenever you look but you have to open your eyes."

"One joy scatters a hundred grieves." Chinese Proverb

"There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief." Aeschylus

"There is no beautifier of complexion, or form, or behavior, like the wish to scatter joy and not pain around us. 'Tis good to give a stranger a meal, or a night's lodging. 'Tis better to be hospitable to his good meaning and thought, and give courage to a companion. We must be as courteous to a man as we are to a picture, which we are willing to give the advantage of a good light." Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." >Guatama Buddha

"Joy is the feeling of grinning on the inside." Dr. Melba Colgrove

"What good to us is a long life if it is difficult and barren of joys, and if it is so full of misery that we can only welcome death as a deliverer?" Sigmund Freud

"What I know for sure is that you feel real JOY in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth." Oprah Winfrey

"True joy results when we become aware of our connectedness to everything." Paul Pearsall

"The joy in life is to be used for a purpose. I want to be used up when I die." George Bernard Shaw

"The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference." Audre Lorde

"We sometimes miss the great joys in life by snatching too eagerly at the false and glittering froth." Kopplin, Dorothea. Something to Live By. Permabooks, 1948, p. 1.

"We have the ability to determine our happiness hour by hour and day by day, through our thoughts and actions." Pulsifer, Catherine. Wings of Wisdom. Anncath-Roby Books, 1998, p. 143.

"Children teach us to see things in their uncluttered joy. Natural clowns, they remind us that life is full of comic moments." Hillary Rodham Clinton, It Takes a Village

"Joyous people have the greatest opportunity to impact others positively, and they rarely leave a room the same way they found it." Charles R. Swindoll

"I define joy as a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace - a connection to what matters." Oprah Winfrey

"Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow." Swedish Proverb

"Joy is of the will which labours, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph." William Butler Yeats

"How good is man's life, the mere living! How fit to employ all the heart and the soul and the senses forever in joy!" Robert Browning

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof." Richard Bach

"The healthiest response to life is joy." Deepak Chopra

"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy." Leo Buscaglia

"There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go." Jean Paul Richter

"A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live." Bertrand Russell

"To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with." Mark Twain

"Every season brings its joy." Spanish Proverb

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