Quotes On Chicken

Funny and interesting quotes on chicken may be seen as inspirational for some and humorous for others. Chicken sayings or verses are often pointed towards funny rather than serious. If you want to use a chicken saying for an inspirational message or as part of a speech, make sure that it is appropriate for your audience. " The term chicken isn't just used for an animal but for those who are afraid to meet a challenge head on."

"An author in a Trappist monastery is like a duck in a chicken coop. And he would give anything in the world to be a chicken instead of a duck."
Thomas Merton
"Kill a chicken before a monkey."
Chinese Proverb
"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral."
Frank Lloyd Wright
"A Jewish woman had two chickens. One got sick, so the woman made chicken soup out of the other one to help the sick one get well. "
Henny Youngmann
"A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders."
Larry Elder
"An aristocracy in a republic is like a chicken whose head has been cut off; it may run about in a lively way, but in fact it is dead. "
Nancy Mitford
"Cutting up fowl to predict the future is, if done honestly and with as little interpretation as possible, a kind of randomization. But chicken guts are hard to read and invite flights of fancy or corruption.
Ian Hacking
"I live with an 18-month-old Jack Russell named Chicken. He moved in about 15 months ago, and it was very hard at first because I work a lot and he doesn't."
Liev Schreiber
"You can't always assume that everybody who is called a chicken is less than courageous. Sometimes, with undue peer pressure, it is better to be a chicken than be in trouble or injured.
Byron Pulsifer

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